Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cary House Stage Stop

Climb on in and let's go for a ride!
All at once, Hoot’s ears perk up, and yonder comes the stage!  About an hour late as usual, the Wells Fargo wagon rounded the corner with a startling screech, and then swaying and spring tossed, in a big cloud of dust, it slid to a gut-wrenching stop! Instantly a crowd gathered and passengers began milling about.  Anxious to confer with the driver and expedite receipt of Lidge’s mystery delivery, I made my way to the side of the coach and competed for the driver’s attention.  The ol’ geezer that was riding shotgun jumped to the ground and began unloading luggage. The driver was totally oblivious to all my efforts, and I was already exasperated and rapidly losing patience!  Seeing an opportunity to address the storied Mr. Monk, I stepped toward the stage, a choking cloud of dust enveloped me, the jostling crowd about knocked me down, and all at once someone grabbed me by an arm.  I spun around agitatedly, expecting to be further antagonized, and there with her luggage and a mischievous grin, stood Mariah! Before I could regain my balance and recover from my mind numbing shock, Mariah lit in my arms in a passionate embrace!  Stepping backward to catch my balance, I got tangled in a trunk, lost my footing, and down in a heap we went, head over heels backwards, in a big pile petticoats, gingham, and pantaloons!  

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