Monday, September 5, 2011

Absolutely Nothing!

I've invested a good deal of time and energy into naturalizing my yard, so that it appears as though I've done absolutely nothing.  My efforts have been largely successful; my wife at least is convinced! 

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  1. I love the natural look of your place with the exception of that hump in the driveway!!! Wherever we've lived, I've tried to incorporate natural elements into our homes. Back in Wisconsin, our first home was built into the side of a sand dune about a tenth of a mile from the lapping waves of Lake Michigan. I didn't have to work on this one, as the kids managed to bring beach sand into the house on a regular basis. Our second home there came complete with a five acre private lake and the Canadian Geese who called it home made a regular donation to my landscaping! Here in the Ozarks, I've chosen river boulders and rocks and Ozarks stone and the Bermuda and crab grass has chosen me!