Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Tea Party And The Pending Coronation

I rarely hear a quote from “The Tea Party” that the sentiment doesn’t bring to mind the beloved tea party in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.  The logic is most always on a par with that displayed by the Mad Hatter during his animated and outrageous tirades behind the looking glass, and the compassion of those intent on doing away with anything remotely resembling a social program, a functioning Federal Government, compassion for the poor and elderly, concern for the environment, or sound principles of any kind, generally resembles the sentiment one might encounter from the Queen of Hearts, as she runs amuck while excitedly demanding “Off with their heads!  Off with their heads!” In fact, in both appearance and attitude, at least two Tea Party favorites, currently seeking office or Coronation, bear an uncanny resemblance to the dread queen herself! Both Tea Parties generally base the premise for their discontent on insanity and misinformation of biblical proportion.  Both offer a unique, unreasonable, little held, grossly inaccurate, and generally outlandish view of the world.  And both are best observed, tongue in cheek, while peering down a deep, dark rabbit hole, from the relative sanity of the real world to which they so feverishly object. STC 

Post Script:  It just occurred to me that, if either Queen candidate is successful, Mr. Romny might be an invaluable addition to the ticket.  For such a droll, tedious, puffed up little man, Mr. Romny is remarkably amusing!  Following the Coronation, Mr. Romny would be a natural as the Court Jester. 

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