Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Spirit Satisfied

Cemetery in Northern Ireland, April, 2011 

(To the tune of Danny Boy)
The years have flown,
Another season ending;
The seeds I’ve sewn
One day will catch the sun.

My children grown,
My fences now passed mending.
The friends I’ve known,
I’ll miss them everyone.

Though memories fade,
My heart retains life’s essences;
The souls I’ve touched,
God’s blessings all arrayed;

My sins confessed,
Forgiven all my offenses,
As God recalls
My humble service to His son.

Though flesh is weak
And all my efforts frail at best,
My faith is strong,
My chief desire, to serve.

I know that God above
Rewards all faithfulness.
Saved by his love,
I’m spared the judgment I deserve.

When I am gone
My loved ones will remember me.
They know I love them,
Each and every one.

They know despite
The humble means God granted me,
I’ve lived my life
In faithful service to His Son.

So when my soul
Discards the robe of flesh I’ve worn,
And when my spirit
Lingers here no more,

Know that my heart is full,
My spirit satisfied,
As I embrace at last
The Savior I adore.

May 5th, 2011
Shannon Thomas Casebeer

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