Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two Threads

I originally wrote this poem for my wife, Robin, 
who has generously allowed me to use it in my novel.

If I envision my life as a painting, it’s captured in two entirely different scenes,
One of deep discouragement, in dark and somber tones,
And one of blessings in warm and happy shades,
Each depiction accurate, my life has been a tapestry of both.
My attitude depends each day, on which depiction I’m able to reflect.

Through each of these depictions, over all years that we’ve shared,
Run two threads, one being Christ, the other, you.
Those two threads have made my life worthwhile.
The best of my achievements and all I cherish most,
Have come to me through our covenant with Christ.

Thank you for your patience and your love throughout the years,
Thanks for being one of those two threads.
Thanks for being optimistic,
And reflecting the bright warm shades,
And for loving me on those dark days when I can’t.

Thanks for the tedious thankless tasks you perform uncomplaining each day,
Thanks for forgiving when I fall short, and the comforting words you say.
Thanks for not laughing when I misstep and I’m sprawled there in the dirt.
Thank you for smiling when I need your smile most,
& for holding me close when I hurt.
          All My Love, Obadiah    From, Obie’s Quest

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