Sunday, January 22, 2017

It’s being suggested that we should wait and see.

It’s being suggested that we should wait and see. Should we wait until Social Security and all federal agencies are privatized or defunded? Should we wait until women’s rights are entirely dismantled?  Should we wait until peaceful protest is criminalized? Should we wait until environmental safeguards and the planet are irreversibly devastated? Should we wait until people are denied the right to vote based on their income or ethnicity? Should we wait until the results of our elections are influenced by outside entities who share none of our American values? Should we wait until public schools are abolished? Should we wait until bigotry, intolerance and discrimination are government policy? Should we wait until health insurance is only available to the very wealthy?   Should we wait until tax breaks for the 1% have drained the last dime from our economy and most Americans are homeless, hungry, desperate, and prepared to do whatever is necessary in order to feed their families?  How long can we afford to wait?  Truth, Justice, and The American Way have taken quite a beating, but the pursuit of liberty continues, and the dream shall never die. SC

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